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Nhs Or Private Facility?

Private Treatment

The preferred rehab treatment option for many people is private residential rehab. Within just 24 hours admission can be scheduled. You can get the assess in the private rehab treatment centre, on off the chances that you have enough resources to pay their private charges or you have private medical insurance. There is as well a possibility that you get an NHS admission to a private rehabilitation centre.

Who Can Apply For Rehab Funding With The Nhs?

Addiction therapy with the NHS funding at community based treatment or private residential rehab that is free at when delivered, should be an option for every UK resident. To qualify for NHS funding at a residential rehabilitation centre you'll possible have to provide evidence that you have tried to get in local community-based treatment options first. Depending on the readiness of your local dependency team to fund your rehab, getting into residential treatment might take numerous weeks.

For referral you should go to your GP so he can instruct you to the alcohol and drug action team which are nearest to you.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Private rehab:

  • Relaxed treatment plan
  • Admission Criteria: in just 24 hours
  • Treatment done on one site with help of available equipment use;
  • Confidentiality;
  • During and throughout the treatment, patients will usually have the same therapist/staff caring for them.
  • We provide the environment and surrounding free from worries and issues where patients can concentrate on treatment sessions.
  • Recovery is helped along due to therapeutic community that creates powerful bonds with doctors and other addicts;
  • Family visits, phone calls and letters are put in place for smooth program running;
  • Additional therapies are often provided like gym and fitness, art therapy, horse riding etc.;
  • Programme of aftercare;
  • Costs more than rehabilitation on the NHS;
  • Not covered by medical insurance in some cases.

NHS rehab:

  • No payment required;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Accessible to everyone;
  • It's local and therefore closer to your family and home;
  • Slow and long admission;
  • Might not be referred to residential treatment;
  • Patients are sometimes required to attend different clinics with the right equipment;
  • Recovery is influenced by easy exposure to drugs and alcohol accessibility during treatment;
  • There is a limited access to the personal specialist
  • You may not have the same staff or same therapist during your rehabilitation process;
  • Building an outpatient support network may be more challenging.

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Nhs Alternative: Cross Border Rehab

Results are not certain and the process of managing admission to a private treatment centre via UK NHS or local dependency services can take multiple weeks. However, with the EU cross border healthcare regulation, it is possible to get funding in a lot faster.

For UK based patients all information about that option can be found on the Alcohol Rehab Warwickshire site.