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How To Stay Clean After Rehab

The Transition Between Rehabilitation And General Life

Achieving sobriety is definitely an accomplishment which is incredible. However, remaining sober is another challenge by itself. Creation of novel leisure activities and establishment of targets help maintain abstinence.

It is easier to stay clean in a rehab centre because the environment is controlled, devoid of any factors that had earlier pushed toward addiction.

It offers a safe and conducive environment to heal and recover from addiction.

Getting back to normal life sometimes becomes challenging after a person leaves the rehab clean.

The best way to prevent relapse is by recognizing the triggers that might tempt you. Abstinence maintenance is made less difficult by this fact.

Managing Urges And Triggers Post Rehabilitation

The transition of moving from a supported environment back to normality can be a challenging task for an addict who has recovered.

Time and again you may encounter situations where your commitment to sobriety is being tested.

Enticement may arise from some feelings you may have on getting back to your formal routines and meeting loved ones.

Many things, like ones discussed ahead, help you dodge old temptations:

  • Social Backing Should Be Looked For
  • Keeping the right company, that want you to stay clean will help you in achieving a clean life after rehab.
  • You can also join the groups in your locality.
  • Environment Change
  • You need to change the environment in a way that you don't get the urges to use the drugs again.
  • Make an attempt to avoid places, which can spark feelings of interest in the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Commit To Realistic And Achievable Goals
  • You will find yourself better equipped to handle temptations after you have defined what you want to achieve in future.
  • It makes sticking to abstinence simpler if there is a deep understanding of the advantages and good effects of being abstinent.
  • Go For Check Ups And Counsel Sessions
  • Make sure that you continue going for counselling even after you have left the rehab.
  • Help from doctors and rehabilitation centres are important to sustain abstinence although sometimes they seem like lots of stress and you might be tempted to skip.
  • Find a reason every day to be thankful for the accomplishment you have achieved.
  • Becoming aware of the good things in your life will make you realize that you are indeed lucky, and then you wouldn't want to throw them away.
  • You may keep a list of all things that you are grateful for that you may enjoy from day to day.
  • Replace Bad Habits With New Better Ones
  • The European Journal of Social Psychology reported on a study indicating that people require at least 60 days to form a habit so it is important to start a new one as soon as possible.

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Partake In Sober Activities Instead Of Using

You will experience success in withdrawing from the drugs if you engage in new hobbies.

Activities which promote sobriety do not have to be boring because there is plenty of fun, which can be had without the use of drugs and alcohol.

You can get in touch with us on 0800 246 1509 if you require more help on stopping the use of alcohol or overcoming it after leaving the rehab.

The change from rehabilitation centre to home can be made harmless by doing the following:

  • Physical fitness activities
  • Mind reflections
  • Take part in games
  • Reading
  • Take part in art works
  • Seeking formal education
  • Learn a new language
  • Take up farming
  • Offer humanitarian services

Join Social Groups For A Support Feeling

Seek for the nearest available support organization in your area and take advantage of the services offered. These support groups consist of people that share similar experience and recovery journey and being with them will help you a lot.

Involvement in other therapies like individual care, follow-ups, anonymous meetings and other form of self-help gathering can equally be done.

The Possibility Of Going Out Without Relapsing

Temptations are easy to come by during the initial stages after a recovery has been completed, and individuals at this stage will be more vulnerable to succumb to temptation, therefore, it is best completely to avoid getting into situations when the temptations could be triggered. Replacing old habits can take time and that's why people who have just achieved sobriety find it much harder to resist temptation.

You can, however, resist this temptation when you are in such kind of an environment.

Social gatherings are tempting places but you can overcome it in the following ways:

  • Keeping a company that is sober is one of the best way to overcome this.
  • Only pick non-alcoholic beverages and keep them in your hands to keep you occupied.
  • Arrive after schedule and depart before its end, to reduce time spent at the gathering.
  • At the slightest sign of urge to drink or use, exit the vicinity.

Why It Is Necessary To Get Sober And Remain That Way

You can reap a number of his benefits if you decide to stay sober and these can include the improved functionality of your liver and heart along with enhanced performance in your everyday life and their activities and better sleep. In addition to that, there are some advantages that you will get and not just for your health. These include:

  • The company of good friends and family
  • Frugal spending
  • A clear and positive outlook
  • Ability to focus on other pleasurable activities
  • Having a positive look
  • For other users trying to be sober, you can be a role model

Of all the battles you might fight, overcoming alcohol or substances abuse might be the most difficult. Don't expect a bump-free ride to recovery; you will have to work hard continuously. Achieving sobriety will give you new confidence and you will find that you are now able to take challenges under which you used to buckle before.

You need every ounce of strength and positivity in completing this quest to total recovery. You also need to have an objective as to why you are withdrawing from alcohol and follow it to the end.