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Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

Using Alcohol When Expectant

Effects to an unborn baby when the mother is using alcohol can be tragic.

The health of the child in the womb can be permanently damaged when the mother is indulging in alcohol. The liver of the unborn inside the mother's womb is unable to fully process alcohol just an adult's. One of the leading causes of birth defects which include abnormalities and developmental disabilities within the United States is the prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. A pregnant woman is given a measure of alcohol quantity to drink, according to the deliberations carried out by medical professionals. It is however, important that these women should not drink in order not to risk their children.

Alcohol intake during pregnancy affects the child who is developing.

Unfortunately, most women who are struggling with an alcohol addiction during their pregnancy are unable to give up on the habit despite their understanding of the potentially harmful nature of the addiction. Women who are addicted and pregnant should be looking forward to getting assistance immediately.

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What You Need To Know About Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is always associated with the people that have anger issues, mood swings and lack of focus. However, getting to know how the use of alcohol by the mother affected the child is very hard since the effects tend to vary.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the general term for all the effects that are bound to happen. It is uncommon with spectrum disorders though that some cases are not as serious as any other cases.

These disorders include:

  • Microcephaly
  • Defects of the heart and spine
  • Shorter in height than the average
  • Underweight
  • Cerebral damage
  • Problems with hearing and vision
  • Mood, attention, or anger disorders
  • Slow physical development
  • Kidney, heart and bone complications

Alcohol Dependency In Pregnant Mothers

Alcohol can create a dangerous effect on the baby; this is why medical professionals do not encourage alcohol abuse during pregnancy. The severity of symptoms of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders is directly linked to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Taking alcohol up to four times in two hours can lead to an abuse that will cause the blood to have about 0.08% content of alcohol, that is how binge drinking is explained. A baby is likely to suffer a long term health deformity if too much alcohol is taken during maternity period.

Data suggests that 1 percent of women drink and 0.5 percent of women indulge in binge drinking during pregnancy.

The Proportion Of Alcohol Addicted Mothers

There are so many risks that follow to any expectant mother that is equally addicted to alcohol. The topics of addiction and pregnancy are both delicate. We should be empathetic with all the expectant women that are addicted to alcohol and take good care of them.

Please seek immediate assistance if you or someone you know is battling addiction while being pregnant. Contact our certified specialists right away to get connected with counsellors and experts in addiction treatment today call 0800 246 1509.