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Things To Bring To Rehabilitation

What Can I Have With Me In Therapy

Rehab treatment centres permit certain things and prohibit certain items; you should know the policy of your rehab treatment facility beforehand.

What you can carry to rehabilitation is subject to clinics' severe regulations. A recommended packing list is provided by most centres, which also provide you with a list of items that are prohibited.

The admission process begins as soon as you check in. Your clinic's welcome staff will check your bags to guarantee safety and that nothing forbidden is sneaked through. Many inpatient facilities record the stuff you bring in their database in order to ensure none of your stuff is left behind when you check out.

Some are only allowing bare necessities into the facility. This policy though may differ from one treatment centre to another.

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How To Get The Packing Information

Please make sure to consult your rehab with allowed and prohibited things to bring or you can check on their page online. Search for the FAQ page if that section is not present. Although not all centres offer a checklist, some provide the patient in order to prepare them prior to admission. Calling the rehab centre is an option in case you can't find packing information anywhere on the site. They will let you know of all the items. You can also receive clarification on other policies or guidance about the admission process.

Recommended Items List For Rehabilitation

The list varies from centre to centre.

These are some of the things that you will find allowed in most rehabs:

  • A list of names, home addresses, and telephone numbers of the people you want to be part of your therapy (those you care about, medical professionals, 12 step guarantors, etc.).
  • Jewellery that means the most value to you just like an engagement or wedding ring.
  • Except for the above you are advised to leave all valuables at home.
  • An alarm clock.
  • It is important to get in touch with the rehab clinic before as some of them provide these objects.
  • The original bottle from the drugstore with the information label integral and your actual prescription medicine.
  • Medication in liquid form should be sealed and in the freshest condition.
  • You are also allowed to carry a list of all your medications along with the dosages required.
  • Some cash can also be carried in small amounts £50-£100 in smaller bills for vending machines and store runs.
  • Your payment card in the form of debit/debit card or your check book.
  • Identification information.
  • A calling card [if the facility chosen by you needs them for long-distance phone calls].
  • Your personal journal.
  • Stamps and envelopes for mailing letters if you wish to.
  • Some picture of close relatives and friends.
  • You will be provided with reading materials by the rehab centres chosen by you.
  • In case you insist on bringing your own reading material, they are to be recovery related, self-help and spiritual materials.
  • TIP: It is recommended that you carry just paperback books because they are easy to carry around than hardcovers.

What Attire Is Needed

It is common for rehabs to have strict dress policy in place and that's why you should check with the centre first. In case where you are not sure, consider to bring articles that you can use in layering in case of cold weather.

This however does not mean that you should carry your whole closet.

Laundry spaces are accessible in a facility so you can plan your clothes packing based on that amenity. Bring everyday clothes that require no special washing process.

Ensure that you bring following clothes and items that will make your week comfortable:

  • Shoes: Bring the shoes that you feel comfortable in .
  • Shirts: Ensure your shirts are in line with the dress code of your centre.
  • Pants: Comfortable pants fit for any occasion
  • Shorts: Lengths may be determined by the centre to comply with a dress code.
  • Dressy outfits for special occasions like the family night will also be useful.
  • Socks.
  • Undergarments.
  • A bathing suit: a one piece for women and trunks for men.
  • Pyjamas.
  • A coat/jacket.
  • Bathing robe.
  • Belt.
  • A hat: some centres do not permit hats indoors.
  • Slippers.

Hygiene And Beauty Products To Take

A number of centres require alcohol-free toiletries and personal products. However, these requirements varies from one centre to another. No aerosols are allowed.

The beauty products you carry should be enough and they are:

  • Deodorant
  • A toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair styling spray
  • Hair brush
  • Feminine care products
  • Shaving cream
  • Body lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup

Items Not To Take To Rehab

Certain items are not allowed inside the premises of rehab centres. These are important to warrant a safe environment that is conducive to your wellness and recovery. Please find below the list of objects that are forbidden, it may be different from clinic to clinic:

  • Liquor and any form of drug
  • Opiates and other medicines
  • Sharp objects and weapons
  • Pornography
  • Food and drinks
  • Body sprays with alcohol content
  • E-cigarettes
  • Medications that are not prescribed
  • Nail polish and other related products
  • Video games and DVDs
  • Sport equipment
  • Sexy or revealing clothing
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning products (bleach, ammonia, etc.)
  • Electronics [televisions, gaming consoles, etc.]
  • Games and playing cards
  • Candles
  • Clothes with crude statements or photos of drug, violence, or alcohol on them

One may not imagine that some of these items could be banned. However, the items are prohibited with the intention to help you to avoid distractions and to provide you an opportunity to remain focused on your recovery. However, some of the rehabs could facilitate you to get these equipments on some days.

Most centres don't encourage consumption of too much caffeine and sugar, and that's why outside food and drinks are prohibited. Three healthy meals, beverages, and snacks are provided by the centre. All your diet needs will be fully taken care of by the rehab chefs.

Items Allowed In Some Rehabs But Not In Others

Every rehab centre has its own policies and some may prohibit an item which is allowed at the other. The list below includes items that are permitted by some centres:

  • Cell phone and Laptop
  • In case you have this permission in your rehab, chances are your access to it is limited.
  • Just make sure that your chargers and power cords are brought with you.
  • Cigarettes
  • Some facilities will allow you to bring in cigarettes if you are a smoker.
  • These centres usually have some restrictions regarding the number of cartons you can bring in.
  • Vitamins and Over-The-Counter Medications
  • All the medicine should either be prescribed or new.
  • Chewing gum
  • They have to be closed and sealed.
  • Music Players
  • Devices without speakers or Internet access may be allowed by some centres.
  • Cameras
  • Shutterbugs can rest assured that some centres will allow cameras that are not Internet capable.
  • Throwaway or Electric Razors
  • This depends on the rehab facility since it is considered dangerous.
  • The rehab you check in might allow some type of shaving equipment.
  • Nail Cutters
  • Nail clippers may be banned by some centres, but this is not a common habit.
  • Things That Remind You Of Home
  • Some centres allow you to bring your own pillows, bedding or curtains to make you feel at ease.
  • Just double check with your rehab centre if these are indeed allowed before stuffing them into your luggage.

What Will Happen To A Contraband That I Brought With Me

Don't freak out if you bring along something forbidden after you get to the clinic. The personnel will just endorse it to your accompanying friend or loved one. Someone you trust can also come to pick them up from the facility. You may also choose to pick the after the session ends.

This is mainly in instances where the close relatives are far and cannot come immediately. We highly recommend that you consult and clarify with the rehab centre first about their policies and other things of concern. In case you pack something, which is prohibited by mistake you will want to ensure that those items will be returned during some stage. Make sure your objects are sent back to your house if they are not kept by the clinic.

Packing For Rehab Can Be Easy If you have all the information from the rehab, this process becomes less hectic. Ask for a checklist whenever available so you can use as a guide. As a generally suggested idea, pack and travel light and keep it to bare essentials.

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